Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mission Statement Impossible

Since this is a brand new genre of criticism I will need to have a system of grading in place, but for the now the A,B,C,D will do fine.

I try to see what the blogger is after and if the wizard has attained it or not. You can tell fairly quickly and wading through years of archives is not necessary. Simply being an interesting looking blog with an interesting theme holds some critical water; while format, response (obviously if it's getting a lot of response it's a fairly successful blog for what it's trying to do but then response isn't everything) count too. Innovation, I think, and enthusiastic (non-bored at least) writing, are also very important aspects.

It is a wonder why so many people even have blogs. This absolutely incredible new technology, that hands intellectual, creative, scientific, political power to everyone, is so many times treated like a ho-hum little toy, maybe even a little old fashioned since it doesn't do anything for you immediately. But the blog is power, the way of the future. It strips media of their blanket hold on reality and mind/opinion controlling ability. It exposes crooked politicians, provides a jumping off platform for young journalists to write about something other than celebrity or sports...or it can just be a fun place to go and read about celebrity or sports.

Blog on!


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