Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I, Togolb

It is an interesting thing to see which blogs they feature everyday in blogland (Blogs of Note). I check them out. It is my job. I am a blog reviewer. (Music Up.)

Today on the menu is Rocket Plumes by Rod Schmidt, a seemingly nice, normal, geek who designs software and watches The West Wing. I can't say as I got much from this site since I don't speak Geek all that well but the comments on West Wing were refreshing, not to mention timely. (Where is heck is Rob Lowe anyway!)

Also the note from Indian Girl he recieved is worth mentioning -- "Nice Blog", it read -- I immediately clicked on her link and was directed to a site of some real hot beauty bunnies. Whoever they are they knew their target well and I would call that a dead on hit of Battleship Marketing.

Probably a real good site if you can understand it.

Since I can't and nobody seems too concerned about it I give it a C. Ah, the arbitrary nature of criticism.


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